Blackout curtains, known as night curtains, reduce the amount of light entering into a room. These curtains can turn day into night and come in a vast selection of colours and designs to complement any home’s decor.

Blackout curtains are often heavier in weight than standards curtains, reducing light. This heavier weight makes them ideal for bedrooms as they increase sleep quality. Plus, these drapes look lavish, are typically made from a coated fabric, and are lined.

Blackout curtains in Singapore are ideal for reducing noise and blocking out the heat. In fact, they are an excellent way to keep a room cooler – perfect for tropical climates, such as ours.

Benefits of Blackout Curtains

Night curtains can block out up to 100% of light in the home, reducing harmful UV rays. These properties protect you and your furnishings from sun damage. You can also cut in-home glare so that you can watch television. This aids television or computer screen viewing. Therefore, night curtains are ideal suited to home theatres and offices.

The blackout curtain also gives you added privacy in your home. This bonus ensures that you don’t have to worry about prying neighbours. In home security is also improved, as no-one can see into your home during the day or night.

Blackout curtains in Singapore have a water repellent backing, reducing humidity damage. This water repellent shield ensures that your drapes last for longer.

Blackout Curtains Material and Colours

The colour choices and fabric types blackout curtains are available in are vast. If you are seeking to match your existing décor, then the choices are extensive. You can also elect to make a bold statement with contrasting tones. You can select from soft, muted tones, while pastel or bold colours, or patterned prints and Jacquard fabrics are also available.

With vast selections, finding the right curtains for your home or room is effortless. It also means that you can mix and match or create a unique look for an individual room. For those of you who like to show your flair, you can even choose more vibrant colours. These choices allow you to add your own personal touch to your home.

Ready/ Made to measure Blackout Curtains

You can select from ready-made blackout curtains in Singapore. These drapes are an excellent way to reduce your costs. Plus, these night curtains come ready to hang. Therefore, they are ideal if you want your curtains up in a hurry.

Alternatively, you can elect to send us your measurements. We can then make your curtains for you. This option allows you to choose from a larger variety of fabrics. We can also match your window sizes correctly.

Singapore Blackout Curtains Professionals

Blackout curtains in Singapore suit all home window sizes, shapes and types. So you can either elect to furnish a single window or all of the windows in your home.

Overall blackout curtains are simple and elegant. They come in designs that are modern, giving your home added class. These drapes are also made from fabrics that are machine washable. Therefore, you can keep them in top condition, without any unnecessary expense.

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