While day curtains may not be seen as a traditional component of the modern household, they definitely should be. By providing the homeowner with both the privacy of curtains and the openness of windows, it is a wonder why they are not yet a wide-spread phenomenon.

Here at Blinds Singapore, we offer a wide variety of quality, custom and readymade day curtains to improve your home-life experience and add another stylish piece of decor to your household. Here are the day curtain services we provide, and why they set us apart from the crowd.

Benefits of Day Curtains

Day curtains, they provide more benefit than you’d think

At Blinds Singapore, one of the largest blinds companies and provider of day curtains in Singapore, our sheer curtains provide the same privacy of regular curtains without blocking your view of the outside world.

This is because the material we use makes them look transparent to you, but like regular curtains for everyone else. Inside your home, you’ll barely even notice you’ve put anything up. This is due to the fact that our curtains still allow natural light to come through, while acting as regular curtains from the outside in.

They also add an element of style and sophistication to your domain with their lightweight design, ensuring your home stands out from the rest.

Our Range of Day Curtains

Tired of not finding the right style for you through other vendors? We understand the inconvenience. That’s why we’ve created a range where you have access to the most options possible to ensure your total satisfaction.

With one of the most extensive ranges of sheer curtains in Singapore, you’ll struggle to find a better option. Through our many established partners we can give you what you want, at a price you deserve. Whether you’re looking for a specific style, colour, or design, we can supply them for you.

Ready/ Custom made Day Curtains

We have both ready-made day curtains and custom-sized ones. So, if our pre-made curtains don’t fit within your diameters, simply send us your specifications, and we’ll design them with your needs primarily in mind. So regardless of how niche you need your curtains to be, we can create them in both a timely, and quality manner.

The same goes for any styles and designs that are within our capabilities. While most are primarily used as a functional tool, it is also important to remember that day curtains can double up as a style accessory.

Day Curtains Experts in Singapore

We highly value the satisfaction of our loyal customers. It is for this reason we strive to achieve it through all of our products, including the increasingly popular day curtains. If you want your needs to be taken care of at an extremely high standard, then choose Singapore Blinds.

Through our desire for total customer satisfaction, extensive range, experience, and tailor made dimensions, you can choose to transform your home life experience today.