Your outdoor spaces are an extension of your home, and outdoor roller blinds are a way to make those spaces more inviting. Many people don’t make use of their decks and patios because they are too bright, exposed to the weather, or aren’t comfortable.

Outdoor roller blinds help you to control the variables of weather, light and wind so that you, your family and your friends can enjoy the benefits of being outdoors all year round.

Benefits of Outdoor Roller Blinds


Better light control and sun protection

If your tired of the sun in your eyes while your reading on your back deck, or not being able to enjoy a meal with your family and friends due to the harsh rays, then you need outdoor roller blinds.

They will allow you to control the amount of light that gets in at all times of day, so you can enjoy the sun when you want it, and block it out when you don’t.

Enhanced privacy

Perhaps your outdoor area is exposed to the street so that your neighbours and passers by can see in. Outdoor roller blinds provide extra privacy when you want to be able to enjoy your extended living area in complete comfort and serenity.

Maximise your outdoor space

You can think of your outdoor space as an extension to your home, and outdoor roller blinds allow you to really maximise its potential.

Almost anything you can do inside, you can do al fresco too! Rain, hail or shine you can enjoy the benefits of fresh air.

Which outdoor roller blinds is suitable for your space?

Track-guided outdoor roller blinds

Track-guided outdoor roller blinds are a sleek and functional design with extreme ease of use. They work by utilising a spring loaded tracking system so that the blind can easily roll up and down inside its tracks.

Track-guided blinds are great for the outdoors because you can open them all the way for full fresh air, or close them during high sun or bad weather.

The two great benefits of having the blind slotted into a track is that you can adjust it to whatever height you like, and it can’t be blown around in the wind. They come in a range of colours and materials to suit all homes.

Cable-guided outdoor roller blinds

Wire-guided outdoor roller blinds, also known as cable-guided outdoor roller blinds are another popular blind system. They work using a crank and pulley system constructed from stainless steel, so that they are well suited to outdoor conditions.

The blind is adjusted by pulling on the cable to the preferred height and allows you to completely customise your outdoor experience.

These blind are weighted at the bottom and can be locked in with a mechanism to reduce movement and warping. They can be installed with a head box to conceal the crank, and are also available in a wide range of colours and materials.

All Weather outdoor roller blinds

All of our outdoor roller blinds are waterproof in nature. They are constructed with an understanding that outdoor roller blinds will need to withstand the elements and protect your outdoor spaces and furniture from rain.

All weather outdoor roller blinds are available in both track-guided and cable-guided options in a wide range of colours and styles, to suit every decor.

All weather blinds are made from heavy duty materials that blocks out not only water, but also wind. Even over time, waterproof blinds are designed to last and withstand fading and deterioriation.

Motorised and Manual outdoor roller binds options available

Manual blinds are the most common choice for outdoor blinds, and are very easy to use and install. Mostly they are operated by a simple pull of the blind itself, or the cable within the crank system. They are very intuitive and can be operated by all ages.

Motorised blinds add even more convenience to your outdoor blind system, with hands free adjustability. They are often controlled by a remote control, so can be adjusted from different locations. If you are cooking the BBQ and don’t want to move, you can block out the sun very easily. There is also less risk of damaging the blinds due to rough or incorrect adjustments.

Semi translucent and Blackout roller blinds fabric available

Depending on what kind of light control you want, you might opt for semi-translucent or complete blackout roller blinds. Both of these fabrics look great, and add a touch of elegance to your outdoor spaces.

Semi-translucent roller blind fabric lets a little bit of light in to give a natural glow, whereas blackout roller blind fabric shields from all light and heat.

There are also dual fabric options available so that you can adjust depending on which you prefer, at different times and moods. The choice is yours!

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