Do you want to ensure the privacy of your home or office without drawing the curtains or blinds? Privacy window films are a great way to do just that.

By applying these thin adhesive layers directly to glass, you can stop people from looking in, but can still enjoy the view. Privacy window films are an attractive, cost effective and practical way to increase safety and security, while also reducing heat, and light.

Types of Privacy Window Films


One-way privacy window films

One-way privacy mirror films are an excellent way to give you privacy while still being able to see what is happening on the other side yourself. These clever films stop anyone from seeing through to you, but give you the power to see what is going on beyond the glass. Just like the interrogation rooms in movies!

These come in a variety of shades and grades and are regularly used in offices – especially in reception areas and security hubs. These films can be installed to existing glass, whether that be windows or dividers, and is a very cost effective way to allow you to monitor your workplace.


Reflective/Mirrored window films

Reflective window films work by reflecting light due to the inclusion of reflective metal in the adhesive coat applied to the window. These films come in a variety of grades, but the best for improving privacy are the darker films. This is a popular choice for controlling solar rays in both homes and offices, and significantly reduces glare.

When working on a computer, or even just going about daily house tasks, too much sun glare can be detrimental for productivity and can also cause headaches. Reflective mirror films give the dual benefit of light reduction, and privacy, by making the external surface appear as a mirror in the daylight hours.


Frosted window films

Frosted window films are applied to glass to give them a white, or frosted appearance. This is a popular choice in residential buildings, offices and public spaces. Frosted glass helps to divide areas, such as reception desks, and is often used on the adjoining windows between offices.

Frosted glass is an excellent way to increase privacy, as it is opaque. Unlike curtains and blinds which need to be open and closed, as well as maintained, frosted glass functions 24 hours a day and can be cleaned with the simple wipe of a cloth. This window film also looks great and adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

Benefits of Privacy Window Films

There is a wide range of benefits that come with installing privacy window films in your home or office. These include:

Glare reduction – Privacy window films reduce the uncomfortable glare that comes from sunlight passing through the window. This is very useful in offices where glare makes it very difficult to work from a computer screen, or concentrate during meetings. This is also very useful throughout the home.

Privacy – As the name suggests, privacy window films ensure privacy. They block out unwanted eyes from seeing in to your home or office, and allow you to relax in comfort. This is also very important if you have valuables in sight and can help to reduce the likelihood of break ins and theft.

Appearance – Compared to standard glass, privacy window films look great, and come in a wide range of styles. You can even choose a decorative design to add flare to your rooms. Window films give you a chance to merge creativity with practicality at an affordable cost.

Our purchase process

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