Blinds Singapore is the top suppliers of window blinds and curtains in Singapore, and roller blinds are one of our specialities. We also supply conventional blinds of all types and window shades.

Our company designs, manufactures, supplies and installs our products. It is a concept to completion service, to satisfy our most particular clients’ requirements.

This entire service is provided at the most competitive prices, strictly as quoted and within time expectations. Our product range includes ready-made blinds and the design and manufacture of custom made blinds.

Benefits of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have many advantages, both aesthetic and functional. They are usually framed and secure, and therefore neat and tidy. Operated either by rechargeable battery or mains power, they are quiet and easy to manage. Usually operated by a remote two-directional control, roller blinds can adjust to your moods.

Interestingly roller blinds can be in multiples over one large window or several smaller ones. They can be synchronised, operated in sequence or separated. Roller blinds are perfect for commercial locations, such as hotels or convention rooms.

Types of Roller Blinds

Decorative roller blinds form part of the interior design of your home or commercial premises. They can be discreet or make a statement. Blinds can be plain, or dressed with swag and tails to create a decorative feature.

Sun Screen roller blinds

Sun screen blinds are just that. Usually of a synthetic material, these are designed to reduce glare and minimise UV. They restrict sunlight into a room, without restricting your views.

Semi – Translucent roller blinds

Translucent, or mood blinds, are generally used at night. They preserve views, yet give privacy and reduce glare. Translucent roller blinds help create a romantic ambience.

Blackout roller blinds

Blackout roller blinds shut all external light from the room in which they’re fitted. Often used in hotel bedrooms and conference rooms, they convert a sunny day into night-time.

Double Roller Blinds

Double roller blinds can be fitted with ease. They are multiple layer blinds, usually of two types but sometimes three. Suggestions could include sun screen under blackout, or sun screen under translucent under decorative.

Each blind operates independently of the other(s), so that levels of mood, atmosphere or ambience can be changed on a whim. These are particularly useful in commercial premises, such as hotels, where room usage is across the full day.

Motorised Roller Blinds

These days that’s hardly an issue, with ease and swiftness the key. This is specially the case in a commercial environment. A lecturer, projectionist or a sleeping guest can adjust light intake at the flick of a switch. A guest doesn’t even have to get out of bed.

And it’s a neat look, to be in a room with all the blinds retracting in synchronised movement. Generally the roller motors are powered from mains electricity, operated by a remote controller. However, in special circumstances, rechargeable battery power can be used.

Custom Roller Blinds Experts


We operate through established partners and offer flexible, customisable packages. Our services include the full package of usage advice, design, quoting, manufacture, installation and servicing. All this at the most competitive prices and ethical service in Singapore.

Our initial style and design advice and installation is free across Singapore. If you are contemplating installation of roller style blinds in your residential, business or commercial premises in Singapore, contact Blinds Singapore online, by phone or an on site consultation. Other popular blinds style we offer includes Venetian Blinds and Bamboo Blinds in Singapore.

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