With crisp, horizontal lines, Roman blinds make a bold statement in your home. These blinds have a layered appearance, giving you greater privacy and heat control. You can also block out or filter glare and light with Roman shades.

Roman blinds in Singapore come in a range of styles and finishes. You can select from the classic design or go for the more modern finish. In addition, these blinds come with cord operation or can be motorised for easy use.

Roman shades work in harmony with your home environment as they are child-safe and ideal for mounting above doors and windows. This means they give you great clearance, and you’re also able to see the view.

Translucent Roman Blinds


Blinds Singapore have a selection of translucent Roman shades for you to choose from. These Roman blinds are made from light filtering fabric. Therefore, they allow light through the blind and into your home. However, these Roman shades are also able to block the sun. As a result, they give you excellent privacy and work well in kitchens and dining rooms.

With a vast selection of colours available, Roman blinds complement your in-home decor. You can select from softer, subtle colours, or bold, more vibrant tones. These tones allow you to match home decor or make a contrasting statement.

Blockout Roman Blinds

Block out Roman blinds are a perfect choice for those seeking greater privacy. You may also wish to restrict light from entering a room. If so, then these Roman shades are ideal with 100% light blocking fabric. These blinds work well in bedrooms and to regulate television and computer screen glare, allowing you to sleep better and gain enhanced viewing.

They come in a variety of fabric types, textures and colours; you can choose from smooth, single coloured designs, or woven fabrics. Two-toned materials and patterned floral and geometric designs are also available.

Benefits of Roman blinds

Roman shades are decorative and have a soft, flowing appearance. They are cost-effective, give a room style, and can accentuate your look. Plus, they are easy to install, and to remove, if needed.

Many people who buy Roman blinds select colours that contrast with their walls. Roman shades also look fantastic when matched to the tones of furniture. These interior design techniques give your home added flair. Roman shades bring out the best in your home, with beautiful design choices and colours.

In general, Roman blinds are a fantastic climate controlling solution for your home. They allow you to block out light or filter sunlight and reduce glare. This control enables you to reduce the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light that enters your home. UV light can fade carpets and furniture over time, so you are protecting your soft furnishings and reducing replacement costs.

Roman Blinds Professionals

Our Roman shades are made from quality timber dowel and high-grade steel guide rings. We also use first-rate fabrics. Our quality Roman blinds have sewn side hems and use the latest technology. We guarantee our products and offer you a warranty.

If you’re searching for the right Roman shade for your home, then contact us. We’re the experts in blinds and can help you find the perfect Roman blinds for your home now.