Trying to find an affordable window dressing that complements your home is not easy. However, high quality vertical blinds can provide you with the perfect solution.

With a stylish look, vertical blinds in Singapore are ideal for larger windows and doors. They offer you excellent light control and privacy, as well as heat and cold insulation. Plus, high quality vertical blinds complement your decor with a range of fabric choices.

What are the benefits of vertical blinds?

High quality vertical blinds in Singapore are child-friendly. They come in various blade widths and finishes. You can also select from a range of opening and closing options, and tracking solutions.

Plus, with a selection of track colours, vertical blinds accentuate your home’s décor. Pelmet options on high quality blinds also add a touch of class to your home.

Best of all, these blinds are easy to clean, with stain resistant fabrics. Also, fire retardant and block out materials are available.

Vertical Blinds vs. Roller blinds

High quality vertical blinds in Singapore add depth to your windows. Their appearance is refined with modern lines that can be colour matched to your home. These blinds can also be made to fit sloping windows. They are an economical solution with excellent light controlling capabilities.

Roller blinds, on the other hand, are ideal for smaller spaces as they are compact. As a practical light management solution, these blinds are perfect. Plus, they give you a degree of privacy. Overall these blinds give you a minimalist look that is simple, yet crisp.

Vertical blinds vs. Horizontal blinds

Vertical blinds give you a greater number of light controlling options. Many other blinds can either be open or closed or up or down. Vertical blinds, however, are made of blades that are smaller in size, giving you a subtle, less intrusive look in your home.

Horizontal blinds, such as plantation shutters, and Venetian and cellular blinds, come in a range of colours. Many are also made to measure. However, they make a bold statement in your home and can be more expensive.

Our Quality Vertical Blinds

Overall, high quality vertical blinds are a cost-effective way to heat and cool the home. They also give you greater glare reduction and accompany and enhance your existing decor. These blinds are stylish, elegant and softer in appearance than other blinds. Therefore, they work in perfect harmony with your home.

Vertical blinds can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Track colours can be made to match wall colours, and pelmets can add greater flair. You can also choose from a vast selection of in-season fabric colours.

High quality vertically drawn blinds are ideal for mixing and matching with existing blinds. They are also an economical solution that suits most budgets. Plus, they look fantastic during the day and at night.

Vertical Blinds Experts

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