Window films are a great way to manage light and temperature in your home or office without the need for curtains or blinds. Not to mention window films give you added security.

The polyester adhesive film is affixed directly to window glass, and will give you added privacy, keep you cool on hot days, and can even create a full dark room effect.

All of our window films are the best available in the industry and are guaranteed to be high quality and durable to stand the test of time!

Types of window film available:


Window Solar Film

Solar window film is sometimes also known as solar control window film, because it does just that – it helps you to control the amount of sun that enters your home or office. Applying solar film to your windows will save you money on cooling costs, will make your spaces more comfortable, and will protect all of your furniture from fading or damage by the sun.


Privacy Window Film

When you are relaxing in the comfort of your home, or you are working away at your desk, it is only natural to want privacy. People commonly turn to blinds and curtains to achieve this desire. However, privacy window film will give you complete privacy, but won’t restrict light from entering, or block your magnificent view.


Safety Window Film

This type of window film is extremely practical, and vital if you want to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your family, visitors and workers. Safety window film is applied to the glass to hold your windows together if they are shattered. This is the same type of film used in public spaces, and in public transport.


Frosted Glass Film

Frosted glass film increased the privacy and security of your home or office, especially when you don’t want anyone peering in at your valuable goods. It gives the glass a frosted appearance, and still lets light pass through without unwanted eyes looking in.


Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film allows you to increase privacy and security in your home or office, while also brightening up the aesthetics of your room! Decorative films come in a range of colours and patterns to suit any style or taste. Ranging from stained glass, to geometric to floral. Perfect for both corporate and private spaces.


Whiteboard Film

This super useful and funky window film allows you to turn your windows into whiteboards! The glossy white polyester film is applied to the glass and gives you the capability to draw on it just like a whiteboard. As long as you use water based whiteboard markers you can easily clean it and reuse whenever you need.

What are the popular window films for homes?

Many homes use window films instead of curtains or blinds for a range of reasons. Window films have many of the same benefits as other window fittings, but they are much easier to maintain, and don’t block out light, or your view.

Many homes use solar window film to control the amount of sun that can enter living spaces. This is great for reducing the amount of electricity used, because you won’t need to run an air conditioner as often. They also protect your furniture and floors from sun damage and fading.

The most popular window films for homes is security window film, as it keeps the glass together if it shatters, and can protect your family, especially small children, from broken glass.

Common uses of window films for offices?

Window films are much more popular than blinds and curtains in offices because they have a sleek and professional look.

Frosted and decorative window films are a popular way to increase privacy in the workplace, especially between offices, meeting rooms and reception areas.

Decorative films can also be printed with office logos, or can add a touch of personality to the office space to better express the brand to clients and visitors. These films also give added security by making sure the interior of the workplace isn’t visible from the outside. This can deter thieves and vandals.

Whiteboard window film is a clever way to make meetings more interactive, by making it possible to collaborate and share ideas right on the window surface.

What’s the purchase process?

When it comes to purchasing window film with us, the process couldn’t be easier!

1. First you just need to share your requirements with us and let us know your budget. We want to understand exactly what your needs are so we can match you to the best products for you.

2. Next, our knowledgeable team of experts will let you know what the best options are within your specified price range. We will give you a quote estimate based on the information provided.

3. Once you are happy with the price and quote provided, we will take a deposit and schedule a time for installation of your window films!

Why buy your window protective films from us?

We are your one stop shop for protective window films because we guarantee that we have the best prices in town! Not only that, we stock the widest range of window films, and only use the best quality and most trusted products.

Our team of experts bring years of industry experience, and extensive knowledge. Most of all, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We are always friendly, and because we know your time is valuable, are always fast to respond.