When it comes to Singapore’s tropical climate, window solar film is a great way to control the light and heat in your working and living spaces. It is not unusual for the temperature to rise above 30 degrees, which can be uncomfortable, and makes it difficult to focus on your daily tasks.

Window solar films are adhesive polyester layers that are applied directly to the glass, are a great alternative to curtains and blinds, and have a wide range of benefits.

How does solar window film work?

Solar window films are constructed from multi-layered sheets and are coated with metals like gold, bronze or silver to give high quality protection from UV rays and the heat generated by the sun. Solar window films defend against solar damage when these thin layers are applied directly to the glass. However, unlike curtains and blinds, they don’t obstruct the view from your home or office windows.

One great thing about solar window films is that they can be retrofitted to glass across all kinds of windows, so if you want sun protection without a huge cost, you don’t need to replace the whole window. Even semi-transparent grey solar window film gives a significant amount of extra protection than regular glass. More powerful reflective metals give even more protection while also giving the added benefit of extra privacy.

Benefits of Window Solar Films

There is a huge range of benefits that result from applying window solar films to your home and office windows. Here are just some:

Light control – Direct sunlight can be very harsh, so solar films not only block out the heat, but also the light. This can be beneficial if you are trying to work on a computer and the sun is reflecting off the screen, or even if you are trying to watch a movie.

Heat control – When faced with hot climates, direct sunlight into your rooms will increase the ambient temperature. Solar films help you to block out the light, and therefore some of the heat that results from UV rays.

Energy savings – When you use a solar window film you reduce the amount of artificial cooling you will need from devices like air conditioners. The great news is this will significantly lower your electricity bill. Not only that, you will also be reducing your eco-footprint which is great for the environment.

Easier to maintain than curtains and blinds – Where curtains and blinds require regular maintenance, and can be subject to fading and damage themselves, window films are extremely easy to maintain. They don’t need regular cleaning and won’t be damaged due to misuse, or wear and tear.

Protect your furniture and floors – Sunlight fades and damages your furniture and wooden floors. Solar film will protect your home and office so that your interior will look better and last longer.

Privacy – Reflective solar window films also give you privacy from the unwanted gaze of passers by.

Multiple Windows tint film options to choose from


There are many different types of window films to choose from. The level of tint ranges from semi-transparent to complete blackout, and we stock a range of different brands. Non-metallized films are available to reduce interference with electronic devices. Your window film expert will help you choose the right product for you.

What’s the purchase process?

It is incredibly easy and convenient to purchase and install solar window films with us.

1. Firstly, fill out our online quote form and let us know your specific needs and budget. We know that every client is different, so we want to know more about what your requirements are so we can match you to the best possible products.

2. From there, our highly equipped team will provide you with some options of solar window films that are suitable to you. We will do a measurement so that we can give you a quote to suit your budget.

3. Next, once you are happy, we will take a deposit and arrange a convenient time to for our installers to install your window films.

See! It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Why buy from us?

We are an industry favourite for solar window films because we have the best prices in town! Not only that, we stock the widest range of high quality solar window films, and use products that we know and trust.

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